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07:46am 03/05/2005
mood: horny
fuckiing hell its hot I AM SOOOOOOO HORNY!
fucking odd   
06:14am 03/05/2005
mood: weird
this little bird is chirp, and dancing loud around me, a foot to 5 feet. like wtf is up human, on my deck, at 6 am. re-incarnate?
death of sex   
02:27am 19/04/2005
mood: nervous
What angel are you?
by Lionheartmidi
Date of Birth
Type of AngelAngel of Death
# of Followers3,402
Angel ColorRed
Weapon of ChoiceStaffs
Quiz created with MemeGen!
Kinky bastard!   
02:25am 19/04/2005
mood: awake
Kinky bastard!
Grats! You're 80% kinky!
Well well well, you kinky bastard! Most likely you're into some weird shit, which is always great. Consider mailing the author of this test, and keep up the good work ;)

01:13am 19/04/2005
mood: horny
take time in life, don't rush, make choices you can live with, trust not in those you see in 3. speak no, hear no, see no.
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bite me harder   
04:20am 15/04/2005
mood: horny
ancient cryptic aural sex, atlantian beasts bleeding intertwined, a sexually lumped mass, steaming sweating cogs broken from fucking as oneRead more...Collapse )
deep into the sea   
05:35pm 12/04/2005
mood: happy
without sight of events to handle this task or it's divine outcome. A divinity to which has no ends, no bounds to any cooridor of any realm, of speed, or spacing, or displacement or size.Read more...Collapse )
05:01pm 10/04/2005
mood: horny/depressed
music owns, I'm soooo fucking lonely, and I need to be held.
Stealing the sun from the sky   
03:16pm 09/04/2005
mood: horny
civilization again. having fun, being myself, trusting, caring deeper, and just being me.
1 good man   
10:48pm 12/03/2005
mood: indescribable
1 good man -

can't change, not astrange, feel strange, not a astray, of mind pray, prey, astral find, space alined, this place long thought how what cause no plause crystal awes.Read more...Collapse )
so hot   
08:13pm 06/03/2005
mood: horny AS FUCK
god i'm so hot, it's one of those starter spring days when just raw fucking would be like heaven, passion burning into anything, hands leaving heat marks. a soft wind, laying on fleece sheets, hard as hell.
04:10am 06/03/2005
  this is my mask, i wear to the ball. no one will really tell at all. who smirks, and spanks keep in mind this yall.

someone tall someone dark, someone bored, and not adored. happy, and content hiding in this bent. obtuse reality.
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